Stainless Steel Restore can provide the right solution for you, whether its bringing back the lustre of your stainless steel or polishing out scratches and marks there is no job to big.

Polishing & Scratch Removal – This service will bring back the lustre of your stainless steel and remove any marks or scratches making it like new again.

Tea Stain Removal – This service will take away those unsightly brown stains due to superficial corrosion.

Passivation – This is the process of protecting your Stainless steel from corrosion. Highly recommended for any stainless steel exposed to excessive contaminants such as shop dirt, particles of iron or sea water.

Linishing & Burnishing – This processes is used to improve the size, shape, surface finish, or surface hardness of the stainless steel, removing any lumpy welds and surface irregularities.
Maintenance programme- Tailor made programs for the ongoing protection of your investment in stainless steel.

Sink Resurfacing Lift and Surface Scractch Repair

Handrail Tea Stain Removal BBQ Restoration